Bobbin Lace Jewellery

Jennifer MacPherson, author of 'Bobbin Lace Jewellery...

In this book I have brought together the techniques I have learnt along the way to enable Lacemakers of all abilities and experience to make some exciting pieces. Hopefully, they will not only enjoy making, but also enjoy wearing these on completion.

Please see the columns on the right for the full contents of both the book and the supplement.

The book is supplied in 2 parts: A high quality lithographically printed full colour 72 pageA4 bound book and a 36 page separate A5 supplement.

I am sure you will understand that we can't show the pages so that they can be read but all the images are taken from the book and the contents of both the book and supplement are listed in their entirety.

The book can be ordered by email, by calling us on 01522 426124 or on eBay.

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Bound book contents

About the Author
Equipment and Requirements

Chapter 1 - Brooches
Art Nouveau Leaf
Blue Corn Circle
Beaded Swirl
Double Seven
Green Folded Triangle
Layered Petal
Purple Knot
3D Swirl

Chapter 2 - Earrings
Layered with Pearls
Simple Oval

Chapter 3 - Necklaces
Some with Matching Earrings
Art Nouveau
Copper Crossover Necklace
Gold Double Triangle
Green and Silver Cross Over
Lilac and Silver Scroll
Petal Pendant and Earrings
Red and Gold Pendant and Earrings
Silver Grey and Blue
Pendant and Earrings

Chapter 4
Wedding Tiara
Gold Evening Bag

Chapter 5 - Wire Lace
Working with Wire
Copper Spiral Necklace
Copper Honeycomb Necklace
Gold Honeycomb Necklace with Beads
Gold Pendant
Pink Beaded Pendant
Semi-circular Necklace with Cloth Stitch Diamonds
Silver Semi-circular Necklace with Cloth Stitch Triangles and Honeycomb
Square Curled Pendant

Suppliers and useful Addresses

Further Reading

Supplement contents

Methods for Starting
False Footing Start on a Straight Edge
Starting at a Point
Double Sided Start with Added Beads
Starting with False Picots:
use to add Pairs
Starting with a Scroll
Working the Scroll

Edge Stitches
Footside Edge Stitch
No Change Colour Edge Stitch
Turning Stitch
Reverse Half Stitch

Working Curves and Corners
Back Stitch or Blind Pin
Decorative Short Rows
Scroll Method
Technique to Work Sharp Corner

Endings and Finishes
Finishing at a Point
Finishing with a False Footing
Finishing into A Completed
Section of Work
Finishing at an Angle or an
Awkward Shape

Joining with Sewings
Side Sewings
Top Sewings
Windmill Crossing
Petals / Talies
Six Pair Crossing
Picot Left and Right Hand

Adding Beads
Adding Beads Within the Work
Adding More than One Bead at
the Start of a Piece of Work

Further Useful Techniques
Adding One Pair at The Edge in
Cloth Stitch
Adding Two Pairs in Cloth Stitch
Adding Pairs in Half Stitch
Adding Pairs Within the Work
Removing Pairs in Cloth Stitch
Removing Pairs in Half Stitch
Removing Pairs from a Milanese Braid
Ten Stick or Rib
Dealing with Broken Threads
Changing the Workers
Weavers Knot
Rose Ground
Blossom Filling

Milanese Braids with Variations
Grenades Variation
Italian Fish Variation
Lattice 3
Lotus 3 Variation
Meander 2
Ribbon Variation
Roundel 2 with Added Beads
Spot Spider with Added Beads
Zigzag Holes with Added Beads

all designs and patterns are copyright © Jennifer MacPherson