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The Lace Guild - review by Bridget Marrow

This is just the book for lacemakers who like to wear their lace, but have quite enough collars, jabots and pocket hankies. There are chapters on brooches, earrings and necklaces; and for the more ambitious, a wedding tiara, an evening bag, and a basic guide to working with wire. Gutermann silk is used for most of the patterns, sometimes with added beads and metallic threads. No stiffening is required.

The most distinctive designs are based on Milanese Lace, developed with Pat Read's blessing - she contributes a foreword to the book. The stylish curves give an art nouveau flavour to many of the designs.

There are no working diagrams, but a detachable A5 booklet gives hints on technique and instructions for the featured braids. It's not a book for absolute beginners, though many of the smaller items would be quick and easy for a reasonably competent lace maker.


The International Organization for Lacemakers

Jennifer MacPherson, a founder member of the "98 Lace Group" has published a book offering a number of charming surprises. The table of contents, organised according to type of jewellery, is lovely and provides an excellent overview. The execution, presentation and arrangement of the individual pieces is imaginative and stylish. They have been worked in silk, metallic thread and wire; in addition, pearls in various sizes, brooch pins and necklace rings have been incorporated into the lace.

What I especially like is the Supplement of Techniques and Milanese Braids with Variations that comes with the book. With information about starting, working curves, finishing, hanging in pairs and working with pearls it can easily become the constant companion of any lace maker whose primary focus is Contemporary Lace.

The book is in English and some knowledge of the language is helpful for following the instructions.


KANT (Lace Magazine)

Jennifer MacPherson has been active as a lacemaker for more than thirty years. In the 80's of the last century she organised workshops and was a co-founder of "The 98 Lace Group" in Great Britain. Jennifer has regularly created laces that people can wear. She began with traditional lace, later she experimented with laces that you can wear as accessories or jewellery. Precisely these creations are quite beautiful presented in the book. Then this lady evolved much in designing. Less traditional and more adventurous, you can summarize it best in this way. Moreover, the constantly moving evolution in the yarns which are available presently, made it possible that there are many variations in her designs. And more shade/variations of colour. Those who want to do so, they can make really exceptional laces, thanks to Jennifer and her book "Bobbin Lace Jewellery". Not only the pleasure of making lace comes on the first place, but also the wearing of the result of all that patience work. With every design there is a beautiful, clear picture, the stitch, which material you need. What strikes is the very detailed description per chapter tree about how to make the lace. An ideal present for under the Christmas tree in a few weeks! The new book (64 pages, English) of Jennifer MacPherson can be bought in the shop of the Kantcentrum and via our webshop.

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